Writing a scary story assignment

Making Peer Feedback Meaningful. We are looking for submissions to our horror story contest!!!!

10 Horrifying Horror Story Prompts

Provide class time for students to write their own scary stories. Take the class to the computer lab or have students work at classroom computers. Have students print and place the story maps in their folders. Independent Reading and Journal Assignments Ask each student to choose a Goosebumps book from your classroom library to read independently.

Have students add these words to the ongoing descriptive words list. Reader-response journals and graphic organizers prepare students for the culminating activity-the creation of their own scary stories.

If you are unaware of being one of the undead, seek medical attention immediately. Students should complete one to two journal entries each night after they read, or work at their own pace to complete the journal assignments.

Remind students to print and place their Venn diagrams in their folders. This list may include words and phrases that describe the sounds, places, things, or people in the story e. What would be a good idea for a scary story that happened in real life? I never believed it, until I experienced it for myself… I never expected to find a witch cauldron in the cafeteria.

Distribute and discuss the How to Write Your Own Scary Story worksheet and the Writing Rubric so that students will know how they will be evaluated on this part of the lesson.

Have students add the completed 5 Ws organizer to their folders. All of a sudden, you realize you are being followed… I stumbled upon a witch, and she told me I had three wishes. You are far from home. Your muscle spasms and you realize there are dozens moving toward the surface.

After analyzing the key elements of scary stories, students can apply their knowledge by writing their own scary stories.

Review the descriptive word charts that are displayed around the room and the graphic organizers that you completed during the read-aloud. Before reading the final chapters, have students predict what they think will happen. Continue reading aloud, stopping intermittently to identify key descriptive words or phrases that convey a scary setting or mood, and continue to model by thinking aloud how these words contribute to the scariness of the story.

Scary Story Ideas for Middle School

After quickly getting ready, you rush out of the house and to your car door.Scary Story Assignment Directions: Using the plot diagram you completed, you are to write an original scary story with a fully-developed plot and effective dialogue. Please refer to the rubric on the back of the plot diagram to guide you as you write.

Have students brainstorm the characteristics of a scary story while you write their responses on the Scary Story Characteristics Web you prepared earlier.

Discuss why plot, setting, descriptive writing, characters, and suspense are important to a scary story. 10 Horrifying Horror Story Prompts.

Here are 10 horror story prompts that should give you the chills, and get you writing something scary. Warning if these don’t scare you, you are most-likely a zombie, vampire, werewolf or ghost.

Let's Write a Scary Story! (A Group Writing Assignment)

If you are unaware of being one of the undead, seek medical attention immediately. (This came from a writing assignment I had in english class. We went to a museum and had to pick a painting then write a story describing that.

Creative, scary writing assignment that involves all classmates. Uses critical thinking skills, focuses on defining descriptions, and is a fun, collaborative essay writing lesson plan.

Includes links to sounds, podcasts, and scary stories for all ages.

Thrills! Chills! Using Scary Stories to Motivate Students to Read

Teachers can use students' expressed interest in scary stories to engage them in worthwhile instructional activities, such as the study of various story elements and structures. After analyzing the key elements of scary stories, students can apply their knowledge by writing their own scary stories.

Writing a scary story assignment
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