Writing a character statement for child custody

Everything I know about him tells me that his recovery from alcoholism will continue. As a final paragraph, sum up why you think the parent is the best candidate for receiving custody. These articles may interest you. Write a sentence or two explaining how you know the person and for how long.

Conclude by inviting your reader to contact you directly for more information. States consider the health, safety and welfare of the child in their considerations. Use strong verbs but do not exaggerate. Later, the attorney may decide which one to submit or may choose to submit several.

Most are at the beginning of their work lives, and they need supervision, instruction and ongoing monitoring. A reference letter is more general in nature, refers to the overall character of the person, and is not addressed to anyone in particular.

Conclude with your contacts and signature. Provide your contact information if you have not included it elsewhere. Letters to Government Officials Letters to government officials are letters written to any person who works and acts in an official capacity for the government.

For you to write good reference letters, you need to know the candidates well to be able to express their best character. Include your complete contact information to the bottom of the letter, as well as the best times you can be contacted for additional information. Giving brief examples, discuss why you feel the person will be a great addition to office and work culture.

The recipients of such letters could be congressmen, governors, or even the president. Who May Write a Character Reference? John, however, was always willing and even enthusiastic.

You can also use anecdotes or short stories to demonstrate your view of the parent-child relationship. What to Leave Out of a Character Reference Keep in mind that the character reference is intended to recommend why a particular parent is the right individual to care for a child.

I keep close tabs on these employees. Recall events that demonstrate a strong relationship between the parent and child. Offer suggestions that you think can solve the problem. You might begin along these lines: Warnings A good reference letter should focus on the strengths of one parent, not the negative traits of the other.

How to Write a Character Reference for Child Custody

Begin the first paragraph by introducing yourself, including mentioning your relationship to the parent. Accordingly, the character reference letter is not the place to bash the other parent or point out where the other parent may have failed in their responsibility.

Explain how the issue at hand affects you and other people in your group. If an important factor is which parent was the primary caretaker, a teacher could explain that the parent always picked up and dropped off the child from school, and was always called first when the child was sick.

It explains how you know the person and why your knowledge of his character makes your recommendation reliable. At other times, he managed the front desk and answered phones, both tasks that require active listening, consistently polite behavior and tact.

Start by introducing yourself and clearly stating the reason for your letter. Opening The opening of the reference letter should identify both you and your relationship to the person who asked you to write the letter.

What Is in a

Whatever the reason, the letter must be formal, respectful, and well-worded. Emphasize important information by bolding or underlining.Most often, custody character letters are employed in contested cases, such as divorces where one parent is seeking sole custody and the other wants joint custody.

Best Interest of the Child The Child Welfare Information Gateway explains that most courts use the best interest of the child standard when making a custody determination.

Character Reference Letter for Custody

Character witnesses are often called to testify in civil casesmost often in family court hearings like child custodywhen a party's personal ethics or values are at issue. They may also be used in criminal cases in sentencing or other dispositional hearings.

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A character reference letter for a parent seeking child custody should include examples of positive interactions witnessed between the parent and child and justification the child is safe, secure and healthy with the parent, according to J.

Hirby for The Law Dictionary. Letters are generally written by a relative or friend or neighbor or co-worker. In a child custody case, a judge or case evaluator may assess what is in the child's best interests to determine which parent should receive custody of your child.

A parent might ask a neighbor, school teacher, caretaker, relative or other individual who has seen the child and parent interact to write such a letter and help sway the judge to give him.

How Do You Write a Character Reference for a Parent Seeking Child Custody?

I am writing in reference to the custody case between {Name} and {Name}. I believe that {Name} should receive custody of the {child/children} involved in this case, and I hope I will be able to adequately explain why.

Writing a character statement for child custody
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