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I believe my travel journal is always a tool for discovery, on the road or at home. I once took a graffiti tour back when […] By thetravelsketch In Peru Lima was rough from the start. For my very first travel sketchbooks, I went alone to Egypt, Mexico and Vietnam. In this way, even for a short time, I can infuse the smells into my drawings.

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April belonged exclusively to South America. Drawing things pushes you to analyze details and understand why life is different here. During those travels, I realized something important: My principal Travel sketch of working is to draw from life, taking inspiration from what I see around me.

The Art of Keeping a Travel Sketchbook

I think things can generally look more interesting if they are drawn, because you get the human rather than the digital-camera version of events.

Some can lead you in completely new directions. By thetravelsketch In Travel 2 The other day, I wrote a post about what it felt like to come back to America after Travel sketch year abroad.

Danny Gregory November 18, I could eat a Cinnabon. How was it, traveling with Joel? And once you return from your trip, your mind remains full of wonder. Drawing also is a superior experience because you can get rid of unaesthetic details or restore things as no camera could do, depicting scenes from impossible perspectives.

Pack a travel sketchbook and a pen and discover for yourself how making art can open your eyes and deepen your experience. My sketchbooks are always small, and I take the minimal amount of drawing materials with me, just the basics: Since the age of 20, I have never traveled without sketching.

Keeping an illustrated travel journal enhances your trip and opens your mind. I like to push the pages in the journal—overdo it, lay it on, make it work.

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Working in a sketchbook or writing in a journal is a Travel sketch and mental exercise. A travel sketchbook taken alongside is a chance to do the most immediate and spontaneous work and is something to refer back to for memories and ideas.

Make sure you work in your book every day until it becomes a habit that you look forward to. And my material is never expensive. While I sit on the floor sketching, people will spend time talking to me, and when I propose to draw their portrait, they will tell me so many things about their lives, sometimes very personal stuff.

Available now at MyDesignShop. One also can use things one finds; coloring with coffee, red wine or fruit juice can be a lot of fun, and the result is always unique. Drawing facilitates contact with reality and creates a strong bond with places. This month was the very last of our round-the-world trip.

In all my more substantial drawings, I try to keep the looseness and spirit of inquiry of a sketchbook journal. Is […] By thetravelsketch In Colombia 4 After spending nearly a year abroad, Joel and I found ourselves in Colombia—the last country of our trip.

The stronger the emotion, the deeper it will be remembered in your mind. For more inspiring advice for keeping a travel sketchbook, check out An Illustrated Journey by Danny Gregory. The journal is the opposite. One-third of the population is mixed, it holds the largest Japanese diaspora in the world, and there are more Italian decedents living here than in any city in Italy.

As our plane descended over the mountains and over the landing strip, a dusty, brown, expanse of squat buildings stretched out beneath us. I like to imprint smells in my notebooks; this is why I often use food or fruits like coffee, wine, soy sauce, some fresh herbs, berries or tomatoes for coloring.

I also like to use things I find such as bus tickets or restaurant receipts. They want to stop and drink it in, refresh their eyes and minds, dismiss preconceptions and replace them with wonder.

Check out these ten unique facts about one of the most lively and diverse places on the planet.

Intense soccer games, white-clothed churrascarias, a laid-back lifestyle, and of course, the beautiful beaches and people.A travel sketchbook taken alongside is a chance to do the most immediate and spontaneous work and is something to refer back to for memories and ideas.

In all my more substantial drawings, I try to keep the looseness and spirit of inquiry of a sketchbook journal. Travel Sketches I love to travel, and taking the time to sketch while I'm on a trip makes me slow down and immerse myself in in a place, rather than rushing here and there.

It imprints all those wonderful memories on my mind and gives me a very unique and personal record of my experiences. Sketchblog, art journals, travel journals, and sketchbooks with ideas, techniques, and inspiration for ink and watercolor drawing and painting.

The Travel Sketch is a travel and creativity blog dedicated to explorers and makers. Focuses on telling stories about foreign cultures through words, photos, and art.

When I travel, I sketch. When I sketch on my travels I record it here. Plus information about places I visit and links for those who want to know more. 1O1 Travel Sketch powered by THE 1O1 Hotel & Resort is an event dedicated for those who love to travel and sketch.

Consist of communities that have the passion on preserving and promoting local’s culture and heritage through sketches.

It is the home for those who are thirsty of not only creating art but to experience local culture and heritage.

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