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As women, they face prejudice and discrimination on a daily basis and are The middle east 2 essay relegated to a second-class citizen. Despite a ban on forced marriage inmost of the marriages are still decided by the parents and a large number of women are married off even before they hit This will have an adverse effect on their economy and global reputation in the long term.

For most women in the nation, they lack the freedom to choose their own marriage partners. Gender inequality has long taken roots in the Constitution and society, Saudi Arabia may face dire consequences in the future if it is not rectified in time.

The USA had been funding the Israelis and handing them weapons whilst the Soviets had been doing the same with the Israelis. The fact that they could get away with abusing their spouses, make it easier for the penetrators which result in the widespread occurrence of domestic abuse.

A man is allowed to practice polygamy, the right to divorce at will, gain the custody of the child in the event of a divorce.

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Gender Inequality in Middle East

This can lead to skewed demographics as the proportion of females decrease drastically and fewer women give birth to replace themselves. She was then divorced by her husband a few days after the marriage without her knowledge and abandoned 6 months later in the streets. The hard handed stance adopted by the religious police and by virtue, the government may have dire consequences.

One can say that this is due to the USA and the funding provided by them.

Middle East CTE #2 - Essay Example

So a clear change can be where the Superpower prevented conflict rather than causing it. Once married, full obedience is expected out of them and they face domestic abuse for behaving otherwise. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world to ban women from driving in major cities and towns.

Following the Suez crisis intension began rising as war broke out in These women have nowhere to turn to. Yet, in Middle Eastern countries, gender discrimination is often so deeply entrenched in the culture that it is seen as the norm.

As this is both costly and impractical, most women actually refrain from venturing out of their houses without a male guardian. Generations of women will end up without a formal education and means to fend for themselves which will make them more reliant on men.

The Middle East Essay

It is paramount to note that eradicating gender discrimination is not to prove the fairer sex but rather to return women their due rights and dignity.

This can lead to further discrimination as males continue to dominate legally over women which will only spiral into a vicious cycle. Inthere was a case of an American woman being arrested by the religious police for sitting with a male colleague at Starbucks.The Middle East oil reserves can continue to supply more than 60 % of the world’s oil needs.

The Persian Gulf oil reserves can deliver 62 percent of the 2 Pages ( words) Essay. Result for Essay Middle East: essays.

Filters. Including such words. Document Type. Subject. Pages: Downloads: All and measures the Middle East can easily adopt. Type 2 Diabetes in the Middle East Sincethe occurrence of type 2 diabetes has risen drastically in the Middle East.

This trend corresponds with increased industrial. The Middle East economies depend entirely on oil. Oil revenue constitutes about 80% of the GDP in the region (Akiner, & Aldis, ). The governments of the M. Among its plans for the Middle East in the mid s, the NSC included "sponsorship of conferences in the area on the peaceful uses of atomic energy and the fostering of regional nuclear studies centers.".

The superpowers played a vital role in bringing change in the Middle East, although this change was not always necessarily good. There are key example of Superpowers contributing war, but equally the superpowers also restricted war as well.

Sep 11,  · Middle-East History Essay. Flavors of the Middle East. Words | 3 Pages. The Middle East: Conflict in Journalism Before beginning my essay, “The Middle East, Conflict in Journalism”, I would like the reader to read a few terms.

These are merely food for .

The middle east 2 essay
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