The impact of schizophrenia on the life of nathaniel ayers depicted in steve lopezs the soloist

Self-taught, on several instruments, he can even play the trumpet. Then as a probable consequence, Ayers may find a great deal of interest in mental and emotional organization as well as self-esteem. Nevertheless, he has still kept hoping up on each new moment to see him finally lessen his delusions and be able to rationally compare and contrast.

As we were growing up, I can look back on certain things and they make sense now. It included heavy doses of Thorazine, bodily restraints and shock therapy. Not only a few times has Steve been turned down with grave disappointments on painstakingly teaching Nathaniel to get into the smooth side of things and deflect his unpleasant tendencies unto state of soundness.

His behavior even registers deficient self-esteem and insecurity as depicted by most of his reactions. Schizophrenia torments Nathaniel Ayers at a level of unmanageable discomposure positive with the aforementioned symptoms as delusions of grandeur and strange beliefs, disturbed visual perceptions and frequently derailed speech and conduct DSM Criteria.

The Soloist - Schizophrenia

He could function more sensibly given the wider view of the world as he gradually understands the irrationality of his unbalance and come to see the borderline between that and the real dimension fade.

Then by cluster-C type, the person takes on anxious indications as obsessive-compulsive personality disorder symptotic of the inability to discard worthless objects as suggested by the third paragraph of the main body Lack of organization and coherence in speech becomes prominent as his constant interaction with Steve progresses.

Accordingly thus, his schizophrenic behavior necessarily reflects significant disturbance in the manner he wanders about with his instrument and in an odious external, deed and talking which no real person with common logic seeks to afford. Statistics show about one in a hundred people could develop it.

See Lopez, The Soloist, page 61 of the hardcover edition. Having detached himself deliberately thereafter with no single confidant until Steve Lopez comes along and takes his best part to his advantage, Nathaniel totally gives in and is rather overcome by the imaginary monster of his defective functioning.

One year my mom, stepdad and I drove to New York to pick Nathaniel up from school. That is why I have started 2StringsConnection, Inc. The film gives evidence to the fourth sign showing Ayers to have a rather crudely embellished outfit, that strikes an abiding impression as both bizarre and beaten up like his wagon of improvised percussions awkwardly set up.

The bad news about Los Angeles is the weather - it helps bugs to thrive. It might be conducive for him to be designated to an environment or community of patients who struggle with the similar illness and particular musical inclination at the same time.

What are your hopes for the movie?


No one confronted our family in a negative way. When one sleeps on the street, bugs still go where they go. I think about what our mother went through, as I tagged along with her going to doctors getting this shot, that pill, from hospital to mental institution, all with no outside support.

At the early stage of his deepening struggle, Nathaniel sees a rolling cart of fire by the window when he was by himself playing cello one evening.

The Soloist

Symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, disordered thinking, and social withdrawal. He had on tattered clothes that were unmatched, and the look in his eyes was saying to me something was wrong.

He finds calmness of spirit when he plays whatever instrument he takes into his hands. At its core this film also explores the role of kindness and compassion in the treatment of those suffering from chronic psychotic illnesses and the power of the social environment to aid recovery in such disorders.

The inability to handle his gift and give vent to impertinent feelings altogether leads to a chain of reactions from the creation of distorted perceptions bridging him to gradual loss of focus on playing his instrument, further resulting into decline of self-confidence to later bear foul impact on minor performances then apprehension for his career at large.

Visual hallucinations have had recurrences in his childhood, the varying instances of which have one element in common.


The street musician connected with this newspaper columnist - a stranger - through the medium of music. During this visit, when listening to the orchestra, Ayers experiences a marked increase in the voices that he hears, affecting his ability to concentrate on the music.The sister of Nathaniel Ayers shares her thoughts about what it was like to grow up with her brother, who is mentally ill and is the focus of.

Hello bloggers, this my first blog about this subject and i found it very interseting yet very sad schizophrenia, after read a book called "The Soloist by Steve lopez".The book is about a man named Nathaniel Ayers, a homeless man who lives in Los Angeles with schizophrenia.

one day luckly a columist named Steve Lopez was walking the streets. As Steve Lopez watches Ayers play, he observes a person trying his best to cast-off the limitations of illness - and succeeding, at least some of the time.

Nathaniel, his new friend, Nathaniel, his new friend.

Nathaniel Ayres' sister talks about life with her brother

Apr 19,  · Schizophrenia and "The Soloist" The Soloist is the true story of Los Angeles journalist, Steve Lopez, who befriends a man named Nathaniel Ayers. Ayers happens to be a homeless Julliard trained musician who has Schizophrenia. Jul 12,  · 0 ‘The Soloist’ -- A Diagnostic Film Critique.

Another circumstance has almost led Nathaniel to real time danger as he cares less for his life than an obsessive compulsion to pick up a cigar butt along a busy runway, just so he’d find security at the thought of Steve, becoming pleased with that act.

Schizophrenia. The Soloist is a story about the friendship between Steve Lopez, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times and Nathaniel, a brilliant and gifted street musician who suffers from Schizophrenia.

Intrigued by Nathaniel’s story, Steve decides Nathaniel would be a great subject for a story and decides to write about him and his life in the Los Angeles.

The impact of schizophrenia on the life of nathaniel ayers depicted in steve lopezs the soloist
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