Saving the canadian forestry industry

Revenue from goods manufactured Sources: Quality is a focus in everything we do. Forty workers are currently employed at the mill; yearly production has reached approximately 25 million FBM. Kalesnikoff Lumber Company - Our mill produces some of the finest grain, highest quality softwood lumber products in the world.

Revenue from goods manufactured dollars, 63, Economic impact sources and information Contribution to nominal GDP Source: The area that is now Canada experienced significant deforestation during the 18th and 19th centuries, as a booming population of settlers cleared the land; this pattern was also seen elsewhere in North America.

The companies harvest, process and deliver in excess of 1, m3 annually. While extensive logging, prescribed burning and pest reduction techniques have been used to attempt to contain the beetle, large stands of dead trees remain, posing a significant threat of wildfire.

Ontario LP Building Products - As a global leader in engineered wood products, LP is engineered to perform—both as a company and as a manufacturer of innovative products for the building industry.

Locally-owned and established inLa Crete Sawmills specializes in lumber production of spruce and aspen. Over the past 40 years we have helped many organizations with their wood product needs.

The seasonally adjusted annual rate SAAR is calculated by dividing the unadjusted annual rate for the month by its seasonality factor and creating an adjusted annual rate for the month. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, housing starts, under construction and completions, all areas.

Adjusting for the seasonality in data enables more accurate month-to-month comparisons. British Columbia Millar Western Forest Products a progressive Canadian forest company with strong roots in our community and a reach that spans the globe.

In this transformation, a wide range of new uses are being discovered for wood fibre — everything from clothing to car parts, from cosmetics to chemicals to advanced construction systems.

Quebec Lecours Lumber Co. British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec Catalyst Paper Corporation manufacture diverse specialty printing papers, newsprint and pulp for retailers, publishers and commercial printers.

Our primary business is the manufacture of structural grade SPF dimension lumber and the production of clean, renewable energy. British Columbia Daaquam aims to be the most efficient timber manufacturer in its industry, while maintaining the highest quality and meeting the specific needs of its customers.

Adjusting to changing world economic conditions and environmental developments is not easy. The importance of this support cannot be overstated.

British Columbia Tembec is a manufacturer of forest products — lumber, paper pulp, paper and specialty cellulose pulp — and a global leader in sustainable forest management practices.

British Columbia Indifor Inc.


In addition, we manage approximatelyhectaresacres of publicly owned forest land in British Columbia. The NRSA, the result of collaboration between Natural Resources Canada and Statistics Canada, is able to capture economic activity in forest industry segments that have traditionally been difficult to measure, such as wood furniture manufacturing.

British Columbia AV Group is a member of the pulp and fibre business of the Aditya Birla Group and consists of two dissolving-pulp manufacturing mills: The mill has an annual pulp capacity ofAir Dried Metric Tonnes and an electricity generation capacity of MW.

Facilities include a remanufacturing facility in the Vancouver area along with a newly acquired sawmill and remanufacturing facility in the Kootenay Valley.

As a private forest company, our mission is to grow and create wealth with people, through strategic value-based investments and focused operations.

Irving, Limited - Responsible stewardship of healthy, sustainable forests for clean air, water, wildlife habitat and a productive source of wood fiber is what defines our success products: Our facility, incorporating the best of North American and Swedish sawmill technology, was opened in December British Columbia Cascades produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products that are composed mainly of recycled fibres.

We log the trees, sort and mill the logs. These adjustments are most often used when economic data are released to the public. Wages and salaries are the earnings, in cash or in kind, of Canadian residents for work performed before deduction of income taxes and contributions to pension funds, employment insurance and other social insurance schemes.

Ontario, Quebec Exulon Inc. We believe that we manufacture among the highest quality lumber in the world.Read about the forest products industry in Canada and see forestry industry statistics for Canada.

Forest Industry News and Updates from the USA and Canada Wildfires roaring through BC timber stands are being linked to both rising lumber prices and rallying stocks for Canadian forest product News.

NS Report Calls for Restrictions on Clearcutting.

Forestry in Canada

A new review of Nova Scotia’s forestry practices is calling for fundamental changes to. Read and download the latest forestry publications and forest industry publications from the Forest Products Association of Canada.

Future of The Canadian Forest Industry: Possible Scenarios; Bio-energy and Bio-chemicals Synthesis Report – Executive summary; Presentation: The Way Forward. Learn about the support available to forest industry workers and communities affected by U.S.

countervailing duties on imports of certain Canadian softwood lumber products.

Industry by the Numbers

and read about Canadian forest management. Forest product exports Find information on NRCan programs that support Aboriginal forestry initiatives, market expansion. Statistical data on Canada’s forests including domestic economic impact, forest management, forest products, inventory and trade.

Statistical data on Canada’s forests including domestic economic impact, Forestry and logging industry: 3,, Pulp and paper product manufacturing industry: The SEPH data focuses on industry and can be used for comparing direct company employment in forestry with that in other sectors.

Canadian System of National Accounts.

Saving the canadian forestry industry
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