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Recycled resin demand is on the rise as prices for the two major recycled resins, PET and HDPE, continue to hold value or appreciate against their virgin counterparts.

The PET flake resin produced will be extruded into roll stock sheet or high-strength strapping. A significant percentage of all sales of such bottle stock are managed by Plastics Recycling Corporation of Plastic recycling business plan.ppt PRCCan industry funded marketing agency which operates similarly to a co-operative.

Using a patented process, Replay will clean and refine the PET material from the post-consumer bottle stock and post-industrial manufacturing waste. Some converters are being forced to use more expensive virgin resin. Increasingly, communities are refusing to consider incineration until every effort is made first to recycle; public sentiment is strongly in favor of products that can be recycled or are made of recycled materials.

Since only million pounds are processed in the USA, consumers are forced to look at wide spec virgin PET virgin resin that is outside of spec but still usable which is normally sold at a discount to virgin prices, but still higher than recycled RPET pricing.

The plan was conceived and developed by these individuals, with the intent to apply their extensive experience and contacts in the industry to building a successful profitable corporation.

Decide whether a new plastic recycling company is in need in your community before getting started. With the development of the recycling industry for PET starting in the eastern part of the country, and the preponderance of consumers of sheet there as well, development of independent extrusion facilities using RPET has been slow to develop.

Necessary Equipment Search online or in industry publications for the best deals on used shredders, crushers, extruders, washers and solar dryers. After a thorough investigation, Replay has found that Company A is able to source or supply the required equipment at considerably lower cost than any other company from which a quote was available.

Look online or in your local business listings to find plastic recyclers in your area. The extruded sheet may then be sold to manufacturers, who will thermoform it into high-visibility packaging or use it in other high value added manufacturing operations.

They prefer to deal with a local consumer such as Replay, rather than the uncertainty and extra preparation requirements of the export market. The strapping will be sold to companies who ship large packages or pallets, such as the lumber milling industry.

The Company currently has commitments from customers to purchase all of the initial production capacity.

According to the U. The Company has excellent relations with the firms and associations that collect and distribute these materials and has been assured that its requirements will be available for the foreseeable future. Avoid recycling until you have received a valid license. Its initial annual capacity will be 46 million pounds and it will utilize bottle feed stock from California, Oregon and Washington States, which collect overpounds per year.

The strapping will be sold to commercial users for use as package or pallet strapping. The plastics industry has launched a research and development program aimed at increasing PET recycling. Packaging is expected to be the largest market segment for recycled plastics, with sheet and lumber following.

It will also be sold to manufacturers of laminates and fabricated plastic products. More plastics will be recycled annually than any other recyclable material. Of the total 3. In addition, the Company intends to purchase production waste from its sheet customers and blend it into its feed stock.

Its initial capacity will be 46 million pounds, and it will utilize post-consumer bottle feed stock presently collected in California, Oregon and Washington States, which collect over million pounds per year.

Plastics Recycling Sample Business Plan

High strength PET packaging strapping is used to secure packages or pallets in such industries as lumber milling and corrugated and other paper production.

We intend to make enough profit to generate a significant return for our investors and to finance continued growth and continued development in quality products. Both products will be extruded from post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate PET bottles.

The Company has entered negotiations with a California based source of post-consumer bottles and is confident that sufficient volumes are available on a contract basis from this source to satisfy its requirements. Any surplus material produced will be sold to outside companies.

Market and Collect In addition to marketing your recycling business using traditional methods, such as posting fliers, advertising in print, creating a website and posting in online news publications, consider digital and mobile marketing.

Replay has a good relationship with Company B, one of the larger consolidators in California. Some amount of the available stocks are regularly bought by recyclers in eastern North America who focus on the carpet manufacturers who use RPET resin in their process, but the high cost of transport from the western U.Times New Roman Wingdings Arial Business Plan Microsoft Word Document Package Plastics Recycling Objective Why Recycle DEFINITION Thermoplastic & Thermoset Wastes per Sector Different types of plastic resins TYPES CONT’D Plastics Recycling Process Advantages of Recycling Disadvantages Growth in plastic bottles recycling Growth of plastic.

How to Start a Plastic Recycling Company

for Recycling Enterprises: Plastics, Glass or Rubber January Association of Small Business Development Centers • This guide pays more attention to plastic than to glass or rubber, because for They describe the components of a business plan for a recycling business and identify the type(s) of information to include in your plan.

Plastic recycling business plan 1. Idea Title: Plastics Recycling Business Plan 2. Plastic recycling is the process of recovering scrap or waste plastics and reprocessing the material into useful products.

sometimes it can be completely different from their original state. Plastic recycling includes melting down unused plastic type material and then casting them as useful plastics.

Plastic Recycling Business PlanHind Plastics High Quality Delievered Group 22 ANKUR VERMA BALVINDER PRATEEK DAHIYA SH 5/5(3).

Plastic packaging R / tonne tonnes Tins R 17 per thousand tins Unknown Sustainable Environmental Technologies cc Business Plan – Recycling Project. Plastics Recycling Sample Business Plan.

Using this sample plan will provide you with guidance when drawing up your own plastics recycling business plan. Published. The recycling industry intends to accelerate the rate of plastic recycling as part of its commitment to develop solutions to the solid waste problem.

Industry analysts have.

Plastic recycling business plan.ppt
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