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Now he has a father, a stepmother and two adorable stepsisters. Rory is also very patient with Granda and hardly ever scolds him. Sammy, his wife, Ruby and son, Tyrone are a warm and loving family.

He also rose recklessly in a stolen car, further endangering their lives. They may not have much money but they have much love and enough to spare. Therefore, Rory feels it is now his turn to look after Granda. Rory is able to accept the outcome of these experiences only because he is determined to save his Granda from the miserable place, Rachnadar.

Despite his young age, I think Rory is more responsible and wise than many adults. He has the responsibility of looking after his grandfather, or Granda as he calls him. Val Jessup, the social worker shows compassion for what Rory and his Granda are going through. Granda set fire to their flat while trying to cook.

The escape takes them through many experiences and episodes which teach Rory and his Granda many valuable lessons about the kindness and compassion of strangers. Rory does not like Granda to call the travelers as tinkers and tells Granda not to call them so.

Although Rory loves Granda he has no problem telling him off if he has made a mistake. Louie recognises Dinah instantly, because of her TV celebrity, but fails to recognise Steve and misremembers his name, even after being introduced.

Granda definitely changes for the better as his experiences bring him life-changing encounters with good people. Granda was initially suspicious of Rab, the rough garage owner but later realises that he is a man who is capable of great concern and kindness.

All these changes would not have taken place if not for the great escape. I find him admirable and like his character the best in this story. Even when Norma reports about them, she is doing it out of kindness, not malice. Which character do you like best in the novel you have read?

The remainder of songs used in the film were from previous albums, including Give reasons why you feel sympathy for the character. From then onward, Rory and Granda starts running away and meet many good and kind-hearted people who help them. When Granda and Rory are separated, it breaks their hearts.

It was obvious from the start that there was something wrong with Granda, yet what do they both do? Using details from the novel you have studied, describe one main character in the novel. Granda loves Rory and Rory loves Granda, their love for each other is constant and unconditional.

He assures Granda that they will never be parted from each other and sticks to it. He looked after him and took him for games and saw to his emotional and physical needs.

Give reasons for your answer. Rory decides to look for his long lost father who lives in Liverpool but Granda is not aware of his intention. Rory gives up his childhood joys to look after his Granda.

The story is about Rory and his grandfather, Granda. He has a family and that is a life-changing moment for him. Rory has a good sense of humour as he jokes about Mrs.

Dude, if your Granda is incapab This book was okay. Foley, the teacher shows sincere love and care for Rory. Rory is only eleven years old but has a huge responsibility as he has to look after an ageing grandparent.

Rab and Annie are loving and caring. No doubt the escape is not a single event as it goes over many days but the escape takes them to many places and they meet many different people who help them on their journey. He has to see that his senile grandfather does not endanger himself as he does when he tries to cook and when he smokes his pipe.

Support your answer with information from the novel.Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis Catch Us If You Can is a novel written by Catherine MacPhail. It is a warm and interesting novel which revolves around the theme of love and care among people. In the novel, Catch Us If You Can, the character who I dislike is Granda.

Although Granda took good care of his grandson, Rory, when he was young I do not think it is fair of him to expect Rory to take care of him now. Catch Us If You Can () (released with the title Having a Wild Weekend in the U.S.) was the feature-film debut of director John Boorman.

It was designed as a vehicle for pop band The Dave Clark Five, whose popularity at the time almost rivaled that of The Beatles, [ according to whom? ] and named after their hit song " Catch Us If You Can ".Music by: The Dave Clark Five, John A.

Catch Us If You Can

Coleman, Basil Kirchin. catch us if you can novel Author’s background Catherine MacPhail (born 25 JanuaryGreenock) is a Scottish-born author, who has an established reputation as a writer of gritty, urban stories that tackle emotional and contemporary issues that eventually work towards a positive solution.

1 Introduction CATCH US IF YOU CAN NOVEL What is a novel? Only in a novel are all things given full play – D. H. Lawrence. CATCH US IF YOU CAN ASSESSMENT/WORKSHEET 15What a wonderfulworldTASK 1The following quotations are some of the many in the novel that help in the understanding ofthe characters in the novel.

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