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It is an effect very, very different from the cold, hardness achieved by Mercedes and Lexus. The theme then was of evocative classicism underpinned by the latest in automotive technology.

It is even charming in many of its details. All this was done with microchips smaller than your thumbnail. Bad surfaces are simply ignored by the Thesis while changes in direction do not provoke annoying body roll. Steering rack and pinion with variable rate power assistance.

With an automatic transmission, there was little to do but steer and brake. A 2 litre soft turbo, a 2. All the panels were joined tightly and the vehicle was well surfaced, apart from an odd depression where the wing to bonnet valley fades into the plastic bumper.

Each of the finely trimmed doors has an ashtray of pretty respectable size and the door cards are unusually handsome, made of precisely the same high quality materials as those at the front. The very plain side elevations the c-pillar is the weak link and the odd proportions evoke the s Flavia but this is such an odd reference.

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When confronted with a sharp corner, it was best to brake, turn and accelerate again. When the door clunked home it felt as if each element of the closure was machined to a fine tolerance. The clever part was the use of telescopic Skyhook adaptive dampers. And thus it lands between a few stools.

Very little vibration is felt and little noise heard. These gadgets allow semi-active suspension in that the damper rates can be varied by computer management to suit the driving conditions and driving style. The rear lamps — striking vertical slashes- are painfully intense and are simultaneously nostalgically chrome edged and ultra-modern with the LED technology.

Putting it very bluntly, the Thesis is singularly unobtrusive, resembling nothing so much as a really talented butler. Almost everything is powered apart from the front sun visors and the minuscule front ashtray.

This in itself is a wonderfully unnecessary refinement and speaks volumes about the painstaking efforts to create a truly luxurious saloon. The interior is well sculpted and classic without being too retro. By way of comparison, the Mercedes S weighed less, having 30 kilos fewer to drag along.

The Thesis is not a go-kart. In essence, these were just incremental improvements on the theme of multi-link suspension. I drove the car in a variety of different modes, ranging from tasteless dashing along narrow country lanes at one extreme and, at the other, driving like I had a hung-over primo ministro slumping in the back.

These too, in their larger manifestations, are smooth and compliant servants rather than machines with which to take on kilometres of coast road for the fun of it. When shaping the bodysides I presume the designers were hoping for cool restraint but instead achieved banality.

In the end, the Thesis is a means not an end in itself. In addition, subtle perforations in a metal strip across the dash allow draught free ventilation.

If you like this article, please feel free to post a comment below. The suspension design was a mix of the ordinary and the clever. This can send chilled air through lushly damped louvres on the elegantly sculpted dashboard and through vents in the b-pillars.

Thanks for calling by! Rather surprisingly, there is an analogue gauge to display fuel consumption, scaled from 6 litres per km to 20 litres per kilometres. The rear of the car is a similarly fine place to reside. Even a Jaguar XJ seems a bit glacial in comparison while the similarly priced S-type is embarrassingly Crown Victoria.

For Lancia enthusiasts expecting sportiness, the Thesis is too smooth and aloof and not fast enough. I mentioned that the car was slightly smaller in most dimensions when compared to the Mercedes S-class.

Being mm long and having a front drive format meant the passenger compartment was spacious, with plenty of room in every direction.The Thesis is Lancia's own inimitable interpretation of the big prestige saloon theme.

Without forgetting the stylistic and philosophical lesson learned from. Posts about Lancia Thesis V6 written by richard herriott and Eóin Doyle. Lancia Thesis V6 Review Lovely and wrong: Richard Herriott assesses Lancia’s former flagship.

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When the Thesis was launched inLancia wanted a flagship to re-position the brand as a maker of convincing luxury cars, an Italian Mercedes if. 3D model of Lancia Thesis based on a Real object, created according to the Original dimensions. Available in various 3D formats. Download. used Lancia Thesis cars for sale from Italy.

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