Is our constitution still relevant essay

Use the handout I gave you to provide some examples here. The message sent with each program that went through both houses of Congress, was signed by the President, and went unchallenged by the Supreme Court was that quietly violating the constitution was "no big deal".

Even James Madison thought the document flawed — it was after all a Great Compromise of its own generation. Another criticism is that the document is outmoded and inappropriatefor the 21st century.

The Bill of Rights is as important to politics today as the structures laid down by the Constitution. For instance, the 18th century document left unanswered questions including whether or not a national bank could be formed and no adequate long term solution was delivered on slavery.

It is nearly cited in every presidential election and in every political choice as well. The constitution itself defines who has what power and gives us basic rights.

Constitution -- is it still relevant?Is the constitution still relevant today?

With the example of the death penalty, the Constitution can not be blamed. The document protected the economic interests of the elite, white propertied slave owning classes and excluded women and blacks from American citizenship.

As ever, it is an approach, not the approach. A few of the cons mentioned above state issues with laws, but laws can be made on all subjects. With each new anti-Depression policy, the government grew a little bigger, a little more powerful.

The Constitution is still very relevant as it is providing a barrier to gun control! But it has been changed or looked over by the government so many times, that people start wondering if it is still relevant.

The executive and legislative come up with different rights and either branch has the right to allow or dismiss the law. So long as there was some sort of crisis to ride on, so long as the majority in Congress saw it as "good" for the country, the program need not be Constitutional.

In the same period of time France has had numerous regime changes and is now on its Fifth Republic since Secondly, the sheer longevity and survival of the Constitution increases admiration for it — civil war; westward expansion; industrialisation; major economic upheaval and depression; two world wars; Cold War; immigration; civil rights upheaval and Vietnam have all occurred under the auspices of the same document.

Even if you got those two, you have to beat the state or a huge corporation that has endless resources and money.

Your review has been posted. The National Industrial Recovery Act, which allowed the President to regulate industry and permit cartels and monopolies, was one policy that was challenged and eventually struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

And the judicial makes sure citizens like us follow through with these laws. The bill of rights gave us citizens certain freedoms such as the freedom of speech, right to bear arms, double jeopardy, etc. I will now take you to the Roosevelt administration.

Is Our Constitution Still Relevant?

Some would say that it is not and never has been. Furthermore, black Americans had to endure years of discrimination and deprivation before the US really became democratic amid a very real civil rights turmoil in the s and even since then many argue that institutional racism is rife, although the election of a black President makes this argument seem a little dated itself.

Such as the news media, they have the freedom of speech so they voice their opinions on our government and how it is being ran everyday. It is the oldest written national constitution that is still used today.

We are bound to repeat history look at us right now. On the pro side, the contitution is a flexible document. Unlock All Answers Now. When reading the constitution, one can barely go through half a page without finding a phrase or entire section that is now invalid because of an amendment.

In fact in the instances of slavery, segregation, the death penalty and Japanese internment the Supreme Court has upheld later to strike down except death penalty these practices on the basis of the Constitution!

Conclusion Whether you choose to criticise or laud the Constitution its relevance is unquestionable today. Gitlow vs New York extended First Amendment free speech laws that applied to Congress to state governments as well. This does not make the constitution irrelevant but rather shows how America can act in times of national unity for good or bad.

Is the Constitution Still Relevant Today? The Constitution is revered today — even by those who criticise aspects of it: This is the framework of the US still — well over years later.Nov 03,  · The Constitution is still very relevant as it is providing a barrier to gun control!

Nonetheless, as with the point above, if there was sufficient will then the Second Amendment could be overturned as was Prohibition with the 21st Amendment!

The constitution was written to establish our rights and freedoms as citizens. In my opinion the constitution is still relevant today. When you think of the different parts of the constitution it.

The U.S. Constitution is a very important document that people, especially immigrants, love. There are many reasons for this, but one main obvious reason is that. Is the U.S.

Is Our Constitution Still Relevant Essay

Constitution Still Relevant? July 12, By RayneH. SILVER The Constitution is the guidelines that the moral of our country was founded upon.

National Essay Contest; Cover. On September 17th,our founding fathers sat down at the Philadelphia Convention and wrote our United States Constitution.

These men entered the convention intending to simply revise the Articles of Confederation, but ended up creating a new government, with a new document to go with it. Get an answer for 'Constitution -- is it still relevant?Is the constitution still relevant today?' and find homework help for other Constitution questions at eNotes.

Is our constitution still relevant essay
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