How to write about artists work for sale

Or do they buy impulsively, much more drawn to pictures that speak to them on an emotional level? It is always a good idea to review your marketing materials with fresh eyes, to learn the most recent changes in social media, the marketplace, and to challenge yourself to set career goals and learn new ways of attaining them.

The truth is, there is no single standard format, though most labels include the same key elements. Invoice numbers can be used as a unique reference ID and will prove very helpful should you need to quickly find the documentation later.

Documenting the Sale of Your Artwork

Believe it or not, the why is the most important question. When he was let go as the photographic editor of a national newspaper, he finally got his big chance to strike out on his own.

Examples of Artwork Labels

Out of all the millions of artists out there, why should we look at your work? You should also include the description of your artwork, such as the title, dimensions, and medium.

How To Sell Your Art

I believe that making art is more than what you do, it is a part of who you are. One-off charges like that do come up and should be listed separately. Is their clientele really right for you? Or maybe your work is very graphic and can capture the elusive online buyers?

What do they read and watch? What is your ideal client interested in and how can you use your work to intersect with them? Do not cross this line. If not, you could be wasting your time and money.

The price or the credit listing Should you be selling your work and you would like to include a price on your label, place it at the bottom. This is not the best way to chart your course. Join my list now and never miss a post: Perhaps your work is better suited for public art projects?

For example, you can list your medium as simply as possible for example, oil on linen. Where will your work find its audience? Educating people about your work, making them feel comfortable to engage in a conversation with you, will go a long way toward building a clientele.

There is nothing wrong with getting your work into good galleries. Payment in full is due upon receipt of artwork s. What is that you make? Why are you an artist? In the case of no specific dimensions, it is appropriate to list dimensions variable.

Do buyers want your artwork delivered? Each artwork should be recorded separately and never grouped as one transaction. My own program, The Working Artist, is an online course that teaches artists like you how to professionally package, market and sell your art in a way that feels authentic and not slimy.

No work may be reproduced by Collector without the prior written approval of Artist. The standard is to list the height, then the width. Since tax rates vary between regions and types of transaction, be sure to look up rates that apply to artwork sales in your area.

You can also simply list 1 hour, two minutes, or however long your work is. Let people know where the work is coming from and how you make it. For a loaned artwork: This post is also available in:Artist’s Bill of Sale.

What is an Artist’s Bill of Sale?

This is one of your most important documents. Basically an invoice, an Artist Bill of Sale acts as a record of transaction between you and the buyer and should include information about the artwork, the parties involved, and services provided. Fee will be based upon canvas size and complexity of completed work and will be consistent with other comparable works by Artist at the time of sale.

Parties will agree to price in writing prior to the commencement of each artwork. A strong artist’s statement, whether it’s written on a wall label or simply the way you talk about your work, is the best way I know how to sell your art.

Be ready to talk about your work, and share your passion for it when you do. Accomplished artist Lee Hammond has some general rules you should know about how to sell your art an ensure best chances of a high return on investment.

Sell it cheap, and it may end up being discarded, or sold in a garage sale. 2. Is your skill level worthy of the price you are charging?

How To Label Artwork in an Exhibition

Follow these tips to write a convincing artist. The Letter of Agreement. Describing usage as a “copyright” sale eliminates the argument. Your LOA should include under copyright usage: which shall be included at Artist’s discretion unless otherwise agreed in writing above. Client agrees to provide Artist with ten (10) sample copies of any printed material.

How Any Artist Can Price Their Art for Sale.

A Sample Intro Letter to a Gallery Director

better you understand how the art market works and where your art fits into the big picture of all the art by all the artists that's for sale at all the places where art is being sold, the better prepared you are to price and sell your art.

and it may work for galleries, but it doesn't.

How to write about artists work for sale
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