How to write a wellness nursing diagnosis

Readiness for enhanced self care to increase cardiac output related to altered conduction secondary to sick sinus syndrome as evidenced by patient reporting activity intolerance, light headedness, palpitations and irregular heartbeat For example: All Rights Reserved Related Articles. The patient must express emotional readiness to engage in interventions that will help him reach that next level.

For most nursing diagnoses, the format would look something like: Think in terms of how various systems in the body are not functioning in a normal manner and in cooperation. Readiness for enhanced self-care as evidenced by expressed desire to enhance self-care.

The processes causing the symptoms 4. Use patient interviews, physical exams, medical records reviews, and input from other health care providers working with the patient as the source of your information. At this point, the patient is not expressing a readiness to enhance his well-being and a wellness diagnosis cannot be written.

While there are entire books on the subject, you can also choose quick access online at sites such as Scribd.

Wellness Nursing Diagnosis

She does not have her pacer yet. Discuss your statement with your peers and learn their own techniques. Event monitor captured pulse drops to While most nursing diagnoses require at least two parts, the diagnosis and the "related to" factors, wellness diagnoses are written a little different.

There are two prerequisites for a wellness diagnosis—a desire to advance and an ability to do so. They were created to remedy a situation in which only negative issues were addressed, leaving out diagnoses for patients in a healthy setting. You may also include findings from patient monitors, vital signs, laboratory tests, and other diagnostic studies.

A wellness diagnosis indicates a readiness to advance from the current level of health to a higher level. Some hospitals provide pocket cards with relevant nursing diagnoses, and there are commercial products available as well. Include the results from any diagnostic tests.

Share on Facebook A nursing diagnosis refers to standardized nursing language developed by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association NANDA to allow registered nurses to identify patient issues in a way that can be consistently communicated across clinical settings.

Types of Nursing Diagnosis

Once the patient recovers from his anesthesia, for example, the nursing diagnosis related to confusion may no longer be appropriate. Perform a nursing assessment to identify pertinent patient issues. For example, you are doing home visits with a new mother who has displayed a risk for impaired parenting in the past.

She refused to hold her baby and expressed feelings of hopelessness about being a good parent.This compact, spiralbound handbook makes the perfect carry-along reference on how to assess for and write wellness-oriented nursing diagnoses. Nursing diagnoses feed into the patient care plan created by the nursing team.

It is important to have a clear nursing diagnosis statement versus a medical diagnosis. Following these guidelines will help you create consistent and useful nursing diagnoses. Discuss your statement with your peers and learn their own techniques.

While most nursing diagnoses require at least two parts, the diagnosis and the “related to” factors, wellness diagnoses are written a little different.

They are started with the word “readiness” followed by the action or health-seeking behavior that will be enhanced. The correct statement for a NANDA-I nursing diagnosis would be: Risk for _____ as evidenced by _____ (Risk Factors). Risk Diagnosis Example: Risk for infection as evidenced by inadequate vaccination and immunosuppression (risk factors).

I do understand how to formulate a nursing diagnosis, I understand the three parts of the diagnosis (defining characteristics, problem, and related to), but I just didn't quite see how to word it for a wellness diagnosis.

Wellness Diagnosis Wellness Diagnoses describe human responses to levels of wellness in an individual, family or community that have a readiness for enhancement. Examples of wellness diagnosis would be Readiness for Enhanced spiritual Well Being or Readiness for Enhanced Family Coping.

How to write a wellness nursing diagnosis
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