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Most cases of Hepatitis A result from person-to-person transmission during community-wide epidemics in which children play a critical role in sustaining Hepatitis A virus HAV transmission.

Several states and counties have established viral hepatitis infection databases for persons testing positive for HBsAg or anti-HCV, but their experience indicates that managing large numbers of HBsAg positive and anti-HCV positive laboratory reports has the potential to overwhelm a surveillance system and divert scarce resources into data management rather than disease prevention.

The investigation of infected persons can prevent further transmission by identifying contacts who require vaccination or other preventive interventions and by detecting outbreaks, determining the cause, and implementing appropriate control and prevention measures.

In addition to expanding the use of strategies such as sentinel surveillance or serial serologic surveys to address local needs for Hepatitis C surveillance data, the implementation of methods that facilitate the management and evaluation of case reports of suspected Hepatitis C can enhance the capacity of state or local health departments to conduct surveillance for acute Hepatitis C.

In doing this we need to collect, use, maintain and sometimes disclose personal information. Although limitations exist to the use of anti-HCV positive laboratory reports to conduct surveillance for HCV infection, these reports can be an important source from which state and local health departments can identify HCV-infected persons who need counseling and medical follow-up.

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Guidelines For Viral Hepatitis Surveillance And Case Management

Labour for the HBC Vancouver building began in in place of the three-storey brick structure that already stood at Granville and Georgia. Recommendations regarding the types of information that might be collected in a chronic infection database also are included in the disease specific sections below; however, further evaluation is needed to determine the types of information that will be most useful.

African Americans and whites have similar incidence rates of acute disease with higher rates in persons of Hispanic ethnicity. Although dependent upon testing practices, this information can help in developing minimum estimates of infection burden and is useful for identifying gaps in current testing practices.

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The clinical features of acute disease caused by hepatitis viruses are similar. We also collect, use and forward to the insurer, the personal information required to complete any applications for insurance. An individual may request to review and if appropriate correct, the information in his or her file.

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