Footloose play critique

Ren is befriended by Footloose play critique who unfortunately has not been blessed with the best of looks or brains. I was really looking forward to seeing Footloose. All hell breaks out as Ren breaks loose and soon has the whole town up on its feet.

Dean Pitchford has made some amendments to his original screenplay to make the show more stage friendly and for the most part, they really work.

Willard is forced to tell Ren that the town has banned dancing and that rock and roll music is illicit. Footloose musical review The topics touched on by the show are extremely varied and emotive — from first love, death, infatuation, depression, familial love and above all friendship.

This creates an excellent vibe as you feel you are with the cast watching the band perform. Pin1 28 Shares Footloose musical review: The musician actors in this show are a very talented cast Footloose play critique they leap and dance around the stage playing their instruments.

Sara Perks revolving set works extremely well to create everything from a Church to a Roller Diner with a railroad in between and the costumes are just right for the show and create the right atmosphere for both the kids and adults. Whilst no all the elements worked for me, I had a thoroughly great time and was up dancing with the rest of the audience by the end.

By far the strangest is that there is a law forbidding dancing in the town. Footloose was created by Dean Pitchford and is the tale of coming of age in an American Bible belt town.

Theatre Review: Footloose – The Musical (UK Tour)

The atmosphere of the town is oppressed by the fact that four of its youth were killed in a car accident. Having said that, Gareth Gates played him extremely well and wow, that boy has really grown up.

The entertainment is maintained from the start to the very end and you leave knowing you have seen a show with a great feel good factor. Yes, he was always a country boy but he was also pretty smart. Here we meet the rest of the cast in a church service over seen by the bigoted Reverend Nigel Lister who has the final say about everything in Bomont.

Their destination is Bomont, a small town eight hours drive away from the Windy City. She is an interesting character and it was great to hear Maureen singing once more.

My one gripe is that they seemed to have dumbed down Willard a bit too much. The answer to both questions is, of course, Footloose and I caught up with the current UK touring production when it touched down at the Richmond Theatre.

It was a great film that stands the test of time, unlike the remake — why Hollywood, why? The Musical first opened on Broadway in where it ran for performances, with a London production following inopening at the Novello Theatre following a UK Tour.

Click through for details on how to obtain Footloose tickets. Ren slowly falls for Aerial and makes friends with Willard Gareth Gates who despite his slow nature help Ren to challenge the status quo.

Footloose musical review When Ren arrives in this small hicksville town he struggles to cope with adapting from the big bright lights of Chicago to the constant watching of the towns folk.

Overall, then Footloose is a really great night out. The Musical is set to take the world by storm once again in this brand new production, bursting with youthful spirit, dazzling dance and electrifying music.

One is even roller skating as she plays the saxophone! As the end of High School approaches, and the Bomont Seniors face graduation without a prom, something Ren and his new friends think is wrong and needs to be changed. His not so innocent daughter Aerial brilliantly depicted by Hannah Price adores and rebels against all the Reverend represents.

Chuck is the local bad boy and Ariel finds him exciting. Luke Baker is brilliant as Ren, a teenager who has been dragged away from his home in Chicago to a small backwater southern town of Bomont.

Theater Review: Footloose, the Musical

The next day at school, Ren meets local boy Willard Hewitt Gareth Gates and, despite their initial misgivings, they become friends.

The Musical tells the story of city boy Ren, who has to move to a rural backwater in America where dancing is banned. Ren is shocked at this and slowly decides how to challenge this. The next day, Ren and his mother, along with the rest of the town, attend church and listen to the preachings of Reverend Shaw Moore Reuven Gershon.Footloose musical review: The classic story comes to the stage in a new musical that will have your feet tapping from start to finish.

The Footloose musical review by Katey Thompson, New Victoria Theatre, Woking.

July Footloose musical review. Footloose The Musical is an evening of foot tapping fun from start to end. Oct 23,  · In ''Footloose,'' the flavorless marshmallow of a musical that opened last night at the Richard Rodgers Theater, this righteous minister of a small-town church spends most of.

footloose, the musical. Adapted for the stage by Dean Pitchford and Walter Robbie; book and lyrics by Dean Pitchford; music by Tom Snow; directed and choreographed by Matthew Peters. Produced by BDT Stage ( Arapahoe Road, Boulder) through Sept.

3. Footloose is a American musical drama film directed by Herbert Ross. It tells the story of Ren McCormack, an upbeat Chicago teen who moves to a small to.

Overall, then Footloose is a really great night out. It is a feelgood ‘fish out of water’ musical that easily takes the audience on to a great journey of good songs, optimism and fun.

Review of Footloose: The Musical at Richmond Theatre

Oct 14,  · An interesting case in Footloose, I believe in other trama, but I found other, and is an incredible trama, I don't watch the original, and this new version is excellent, the dance scenes are fantastic, the music are fabulous, the performance of Kenny, Julianne and Dennis are fantastic%(35).

Footloose play critique
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