Ducati mathesis tester

To do this you should tap the butterfly with your finger to ensure that the butterfly is completely closed against the body. Ideally you then hook into the diagnostic connector and set the idle stop using a degree value as specified for that model.

So it seemed 1. You can see my gradient calculations the angle of the line, or rise over run that give a figure of approximately 36mV per angle of throttle opening.

Warranty and service record Our customers are often those with bikes that have passed out of the two Ducati mathesis tester factory warranty period and are looking for a capable and experienced, independent alternative to the high cost of main dealer servicing. When I first played with the and throttle bodies I graphed the results on graph paper to see what it looked like, as I assumed there had to be a mathematical relationship to it.

This value is completely arbitrary and is not important.

Mathesis tester

First step in this is TPS setup. Through the hole the throttle base idle screw will be visible.

Ducati Mathesis Tester

Turn the ignition on and read the voltage. The main difference in use is that the baseline setting procedure is totally different. For the MV F4 year and the idle setting is 1. Pins 16 and What this means is that the output varies in its sensitivity — at low throttle openings you get a higher voltage change per degree of throttle opening than you do at high throttle openings.

The linear TPS introduced with the and 2V models and and Testastretta models of works differently to the earlier non linear style TPS. With the idle stop wound all the way out this dropped to around mV, meaning the opening was 65mV.

At normal idle it currently tells me the TPS is reading 3. You are not finished, move on to the following step which is correct for your situation.

Many people misunderstand the factory manual in this regard and will try resetting the TPS until they get rpm idle and exactly mV on the sensor. Remember the ignition is turned on for this too, and you can see the display on the digital multimeter of mV.

For the MV Brutale models the idle setting is 1. At this point always remember that when you turn the ignition off you need to wait at least 15 seconds before disconnecting the ECU. Retighten the lock screws a little at a time, each time reading the voltage and adjusting the sensor.

On the BMW models the voltage coming out is relevant, and is used to set the idle throttle angle. This is not always the case. Whatever your requirements, contact JHS first. This is the baseline setting. At fully shut, the diagnostic data was still showing 0. The most dangerous condition is too tight because you will break a belt or fry a pulley bearing.

Simple enough you would think. What Section8 was doing was carrying out baseline TPS set ups on the and models by backing all the stops off so that the throttles were fully closed, carrying out a TPS reset via the Mathesis, winding the idle stop in until the throttle opening displayed through the diagnostic data was double what the reset procedure had given, then carrying out another TPS reset via the Mathesis.

Nominally the official Aprilia electronic diagnostic tool, but available as a generic all brands tool as well.

We use an auxiliary function on the Mathesis tester and a special cable, but not many have that luxury. If the throttle opening the ECU is reading is over a certain number of degrees the idle control logic appears to not operate the valve, but on this bike it was the expected 3.

So if you adjust the balance, you have to reset the TPS. At this point I should also add that getting the top off the air box is a real exercise in frustration, so Section8 were drilling holes in them to access the idle stop screw.

Set the IDLE Balance by adjusting the air bleed screws counterclockwise and confirming that the vacuum is identical for both cylinders at idle. Then set idle speed and mixture using air bleeds and idle trimmer as required. Which I took to mean that 2. Combined with the sintered clutch plates they were still running in them at that point, they were nigh impossible to get off the line cleanly, especially in the wet.

Call or email us now to book your next service. Put plenty of free play into throttle cable Make sure the fast idle lever on the rear throttle body LH side is seated against its stop. The TPS is now set.ducati parts manual download here.

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ducati parts manual catalogue nob year workshop special tools diagnosis tester mathesis gearchange gear-box clutch clutch cover. Jul 26,  · Ducati Diagnostic Software - FREE There is a full list of compatible bikes on the site. He has done some tweaks to the software and it now works. ducati mathesis tester+pressure kit+ belt tensioning kit+card 09 sp:supersedes to ef; ducati check intrument:supersedes to d june 7, ducati mathesis tester+pressure kit+ belt tensioning kit+card 08 sp:supersedes to ef june 7, Tools include Ducati setup & diagnostic equipment in the way of a Ducati DDS Tester the earlier Mathesis Tester and another Tecnomotor diagnostic tool, as well as a MT Diagnostic tool suitable for over 20 different makes of motorcycle including Harley Davidson and Triumph, Cambelt tensioning equipment, Cam dialing equipment.

Apr 04,  · (download his frequency counter) And then any cheap microphone plugged into your computer in combination with this free software replaces the >$ handheld gauge or the multiple thousand dollar Ducati "mathesis" tester.

Oct 01,  · Would a check with a tester that they use in Ducati dealers, (not sure of the name of them) have identified the fault as being- 'bad connection to rear wheel speed sensor'?

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edit. Mathesis tester, that's the thing I was on about.

Ducati mathesis tester
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