Company law and secretarial practices

Company Secretarial and Compliance

The importance of a secretary is: In case of a company, appointment of a qualified secretary is a must. Different Types of Secretaries: Definition of Secretarial Practice: Abilities of Office Organisation: Qualifications of Secretarial Practice: Nowadays the secretary has come to occupy a more prominent position in the society than his ancient counterpart.

Good Knowledge of English: In many cases the secretary has proved to be an indispensable person. He has to perform many legal duties.

He has to run and manage the office efficiently. A secretary should have a powerful and lucid pen. Hence, the secretary must have a good command over language—both written and oral.

In case of Govt. He has to explain a lot to other persons.

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He is a key man and a liaison between the Board of Directors and the staff. He should have a high standard of general knowledge which will broaden and enrich his mental horizon.

Definition of Secretarial Practice 2. An ideal secretary must have honesty, integrity, loyalty, tact and presence of mind.

He should have thorough knowledge of the procedures and rules of meetings. Read this article to learn about the Secretarial Practice. He is an indispensable person. The secretary should have knowledge of law operating in the country.

Importance of Secretarial Practice 3. Qualifications of Secretarial Practice 4. Secretary is both a generalist and a specialist.

He acts as an advisor to managers. Bureaucratic administration cannot be run without a secretary. He will keep himself abreast of time through continuous reading of books, journals, newspapers, reports etc.

Being a spokesman for the organisation, the secretary must know the art of communication.

Company secretarial practice

Knowledge of Foreign Language: Good Personality and Character: Secretary is a confidential officer. The secretary must have a sound and a high level of education.advanced company law and secretarial practice course - there is a chargeable course This course is ideal for intermediate and senior people and people who have attended the basic course and any one in a secretarial department and senior people who want to brush up their company law and secretarial practice knowledge.

BASIC COMPANY LAW AND SECRETARIAL PRACTICE COURSE - THIS IS A CHARGEABLE COURSE This course is ideal for intermediate, junior and senior people and any one in a secretarial department who want to brush up their company law and secretarial practice knowledge.

Senior people also need a refresher to many of the. The Law and Practice of Company Meetings covers both meetings of directors and members, with a special focus on the alternative procedures that can be used to avoid holding meetings (particularly by private companies) and the process of preparing for and managing AGMs of public companies.

Appointment of Company Secretray SECRETARIAL PRACTICES TOPICS TO BE COVERED 1. General Topics 2.


Knowledge of secretarial Practices; b) Knowledge of Company law; c) Knowledge of Business law; d) to get the important documents of the company. 2. Corporate secretarial events during financial year [, ].

Secretarial Practice: Definition, Importance and Qualifications

COMPANY SECRETARIAL PRACTICE FOR BEGINNERS COMPANIES COMMISSION OF MALAYSIA TRAINING ACADEMY’S CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMME (CEP) Regulators’ perspective on the law, SSM’s surveillance and enforcement activities will be discussed throughout the course to reinforce.

Company secretaries also serve as the link between the board and the rest of the company, its shareholders and the public.

Company Secretarial Practice replaces its well-loved predecessor, South African Business Administration, to provide a new, up-to-date and definitive reference work for all company secretaries.

Company law and secretarial practices
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