Beatles conspiracy

For all intents and purposes as far as we can tell, no one such group ever existed.

The creepiest Beatles conspiracy theories ever

The proof is that whenever a musician dies see also: He met and married Linda Eastman, with whom he had four children Beatles conspiracy losing her to breast cancer in Anyway, this is totally true.

Lennon later said that the words were actually "cranberry sauce". Nearing the height of his career, shortly before the release of Sgt. Although we jumped in our yellow submarine and dove deep into these five conspiracies, it should be noted that none of these fan theories are our views. Ringo, the mourner, dressed in black.

Some time ago I wrote about the fact that if you overlay a compass over the Sgt.

7 completely legit signs that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike

When my mother guessed my brother was buying drugs from the neighbors, that was a conspiracy. I was a hitter. I fought men and I hit women. A Wired Italia magazine article featured an analysis by two forensic research consultants who compared selected photographs of McCartney taken before and after his alleged death by measuring features of the skull.

It is not my music. Fresh eyes always see things differently and identify new areas for investigation and these comments โ€” literally a deluge in this case โ€” pose a whole new set of questions. The phenomenon of the Beatles was not a spontaneous rebellion by youth against the old social system.

The Beatles Book, February Yeah, let that keep you up at night. And now, on to The Fab Four. Retrieved 19 September When joined together they form the number three. Lewis explained to USA Today: Supplied This comes from popular conspiracy theorist Dr.

Paul McCartney at left is fond of a conspiracy theory or two himself. The Beatles Diary Volume 1: Relations had deteriorated to such an extent that the group abandoned their original title of Everest, together with a shoot in the Himalayas, and were photographed instead walking away from the studios and everything they had once shared.Paul is Dead: The Conspiracy.

Beatles Conspiracy

1, likes ยท 3 talking about this. Paul is Dead: The Conspiracy is an archive page that chronicles the list of clues that.

The Beatles' world-famous Abbey Road album cover that sparked a million conspiracy theories For Beatles obsessives with fevered imaginations, it was ultimate proof of the bizarre theory of the. Conspiracy theories are my comfort food. After all, all a conspiracy is "the action of plotting or conspiring," and not just about tin-foil hats and Reptillians.

When Reagan's cronies illegally sold weapons to Iran in the Iran-Contra Scandal, that was a conspiracy.

Pictured: The Beatles album cover that started a decades-long conspiracy theory

This is because, conspiracy-minded Beatlemaniacs say, Paul McCartney secretly died in Theorists claim the other Beatles covered up his death โ€” hiring someone who looked like him, sang like him, and had the same jovial personality.

Firstly, the Sgt. Pepper Beatles are contained nicely within the frame of Sgt. Pepper/Babington. Secondly, the old, mop-top, wax Beatles are encompassed by the cut-out 'fake' moustache.

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Therefore, if the conspiracy theories are false - i.e., if the Paul McCartney that we see today with a large palate is the original Paul McCartney with a small palate - then Paul went through some very serious dental surgeries, and he would have suffered for a long time, and it would have had an effect on his voice.

Beatles conspiracy
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