An overview of the country of germany

The Zollvereina tariff union, furthered economic unity in the German states. After the French defeat in the Franco-Prussian Warthe German princes proclaimed the founding of the German Empire in at Versaillesuniting all the scattered parts of Germany except Austria and the German-speaking parts of Switzerland.

Population Germany has the largest population of any European country, around 82 million — a density of people per square kilometre. In the light of a series of revolutionary movements in Europewhich established a republic in Franceintellectuals and commoners started the Revolutions of in the German states.

This is a brief summary of the most important facts and figures, covering everything from system of government, size and countryside to population, lifestyle and cultural life.

As it was partitioned inWest Francia blue and East Francia red became predecessors of France and Germany, respectively In the 3rd century a number of large West Germanic tribes emerged: Mr Gauck describes himself as a "liberal left conservative", and has expressed support for the policies of both Social-Democrat and Christian-Democrat coalition governments on a non-partisan basis.

She divorced her first husband Ulrich Merkel in and has been married to publicity-shy chemistry professor Joachim Sauer since Like its Western European neighbors, Germany faces significant demographic challenges to sustained long-term growth. Members of the Hanseatic Leaguewhich included mostly north German cities and towns, prospered in the expansion of trade.

Germany plans to replace nuclear power largely with renewable energy, which accounted for Member of the eurozone since 1 January Schengen area member? Germans perceived the treaty as humiliating and unjust and it was later seen by historians as influential in the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Having no male heirs, he had convinced the Electors to retain Habsburg hegemony in the office of the emperor by agreeing to the Pragmatic Sanction. State Germany has been a democratic parliamentary federal republic since Prussia was the dominant constituent state of the new empire; the Hohenzollern King of Prussia ruled as its concurrent Emperor, and Berlin became its capital.

Cologne is just below the one-million mark. Around universities and other higher education establishments are held in high regard, not least by international students.

The Federal President is the head of state and the government is led by the Federal Chancellor. The Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany at 2, metres. The next time will be in In DecemberMrs Merkel told the Bundestag that Europe was working towards setting up a fiscal union in a bid to resolve the debt crisis.

The German economy suffers from low levels of investment, and a government plan to invest 15 billion euros duringlargely in infrastructure, is intended to spur needed private investment.Provides an overview of Germany, including key events and facts about this European country.

Germany: country overview As Europe's largest economy and second most populous nation (after Russia), Germany is a key member of the continent's economic, political, and defence organisations.

Germany at a glance: a brief summary of important facts Everything you always wanted to know about Germany.

This is a brief summary of the most important facts and figures, covering everything from system of government, size and countryside to population, lifestyle and cultural life. Germany is a leading country in the fashion industry. The German textile industry consisted of about 1, companies with more thanemployees inwhich generated a revenue of 28 billion Euro.

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Germany is Europe's most industrialized and populous country. Famed for its technological achievements, it has also produced some of Europe's most celebrated composers, philosophers and poets. Achieving national unity later than other European nations, Germany quickly caught up economically and.

Here, you’ll find interesting facts and figures about Germany, including information on its economy as well as its research and innovation activities.

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An overview of the country of germany
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